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We are a Worldwide Manufacturer and Exporter of Nuts, Bolts, Studs, Screws, Washers, Cap Screws, Sockets, Hex keys, Threaded Bars, Threaded rods, Structural fasteners, Machine screws, Auto Fasteners, fasteners as per drawing in high tensile and stainless steels. From High tensile to stainless steel, metric to inch fasteners, specialty, or custom fasteners, we provide the right part, at the right price, on time-every time.
Founded in 1996, Manjula Laboratories is India's leading ISO/IECI17025 NABL accredited independent materials testing laboratory. Our working base is Trust, Companies and Reliability. These
values are in fact more than a corporate mission. They symbolize a way of life that permeates every aspect of our firm and the way we co business.
Being ISO Certified company all the work is done through team work with latest Technology and Machinery. From very first all the work is done by calibrated instruments through qualified staff. State of Art IEC/ISO 17025 Accredited Laboratory in house with all latest testing & research facilities. Chemical, Destructive and Non Destructive testing is done as per requirements.
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